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За EXTREME SPORT - парапланери

Фирмата се занимава с екстремни спортове- парапланер, джетпак, тандемни полети, джет под наем.

Екстремно с парапланер - адреналин на 100%

Изпитайте невероятни емоции и адреналин!! Екстремни изживявания с :









Всички дейности се извършват на територията на район Нови Искър и около София.

Extreme Sport is the largest company for extreme sports in Bulgaria. Sport is not only important for maintaining good health, but is also the key to a good mood. It is not necessary to be a professional athlete to make sport an important part of one`s life and to reveal the beauty of nature itself. Our company has been dealing with extreme activities for nearly 10 years and our long practice involves paragliding flights with experienced and licensed pilots, who have over 7,000 such flights, including flights with jets, jet packs, bungee jumps and panoramic elevations with a hot air balloon. Our team is energetic and responsive, everyone is extremely nimble, agile and flexible. It is formed by three pilots and a four man ground crew. We have a lot of Media appearances and real-time shows, such as the opening of "The WEBIT festival", where we had breakfast in the sky with a hot air balloon.The most important thing for us is not only the smile on the faces of the people, or the glamour in their eyes after the next activity, but also their safety. It is the one thing that separates everything else in particular. Most people associate extreme sports with unmet risk, but with us everything is measured to the smallest detail. Extreme sport is not only suitable for passive observers - the main goal is everyone to be happy with the fact that they have been a part of a once-in-a-lifetime breathtaking experience.